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Mary, the most widely used girls' name in the world, was at one time anything but as it was thought to be too sacred to bestow on a child.

Maybe one of these May saint names will be the right one for your springtime baby:

1. Peregrine Laziosi 17. Bruno of Wurzburg
2. Zoe 18. Eric of Sweden
3. Juvenal 19. Dunstan
4. Florian 20. Bernardino of Siena
5. Angelo 21. Andrew Bobola
6. Edbert 22. Julia
7. Domitian 23. Ivo of Chartres
8. Victor Maurus 24. Vincent of Lérins
9. Beatus 25. Madeleine Sophie Barat
10. Solangia 26. Lambert of Vence
11. Walter of L'Esterp 27. Augustine of Canterbury
12. Dominic of the Causeway 28. Justus of Urgel
13. Servais 29. Cyril of Caesarea
14. Matthias the Apostle 30. Joan of Arc
15. Bertha 31. Petronilla
16. Brendan

Saints and Solstices

The summer solstice, which takes place in June, is celebrated throughout the Catholic world as the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

1. Justin 16. Julitta
2. Blandina 17. Teresa of Portugal
3. Clotilda 18. Elizabeth of Schonau
4. Francis Caracciolo 19. Juliana of Falconieri
5. Boniface 20. Goban or Gobain
6. Norbert 21. Aloysius Gonzaga
7. Colman of Dromore 22. Alban
8. Maximinus of Aix 23. Libert
9. Columba or Columcille 24. Bartholomew of France
10. Landericus or Landry 25. Febronia
11. Barnabas the Apostle 26. Anthelm
12. Antonina 27. Samson of Constantinople
13. Anthony of Padua 28. Sergius
14. Methodius I of Constantinople 29. Emma
15. Vitus 30. Bertrand of Le Mans

Summertime Saints

What's in a Name

Pop singer Madonna chose the names of two saints for her little girl: Lourdes Maria.

Leo is the astrological sign for July. While Saint Leo doesn't appear on the list of saints for this month, there are many other worthy choices here.

1. Thierry 17. Kenelm
2. Otto of Bamberg 18. Frederick of Utrecht
3. Aaron 19. Justa
4. Bertha 20. Elias
5. Anthony Zaccaria 21. Lawrence of Brindisi
6. Dominica 22. Philip Evans
7. Hedda 23. Anne or Susanna
8. Kilian 24. Boris
9. Veronica 25. Thea
10. Rufina 26. Bartholomea Capitanio
11. Olga 27. Natalia
12. Nabor 28. Samson
13. Silas or Silvanus 29. Martha
14. Camillus de Lellis 30. Silas (Byzantine)
15. Swithin 31. Ignatius of Loyola
16. Athenogenes (Byzantine)

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