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August 15, 2013

Dear Parent,

Do you need new ideas for back-to-school lunches and after-school snacks? You'll find lots of ideas for tasty brown bag lunches and healthy snacking options to help your child power through his busy day.

10 Easy Ideas for Better Bag Lunches Cheap and Healthy Lunch Ideas
9 Snacks with No High Fructose Corn Syrup Top 10 Nutritious Snacks and Beverages
10 Nut-Free Lunch Ideas Printable Lunch Box Notes
10 Tips for "Green" School Lunches More Healthy School Lunch Ideas
Young Girl and Her Healthy Lunch

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Back-to-School Shopping

Easing First-Day Jitters

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Back-to-School Lunch Guide
Send them back to school with nutritious lunches and snacks they're sure to love. Brought to you by Del Monte.

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Printable Back-to-School Shopping List
Make your back-to-school shopping a breeze with this printable list of all the essentials for a successful school year. Brought to you by Del Monte.

FamilyEducation Polls  First Day of School

When your child thinks about going back to school, he is:
Weigh in now!

17%Panicked. He worries constantly about the dreaded first day.
27%Anxious, but still able to enjoy summer activities and fun.
18%Indifferent. He barely thinks about the upcoming school year.
38%Totally excited. He can't wait to start.