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African-American Firsts
American Indian Quiz: Art and Technology
American Indian Quiz: War History
Aussie Talk
Boxing Day
British English
Chinese New Year
Country Capitals
Current Events Quiz, Fall 2002
Explorers & Adventurers
Famous Explorers
Foods from Around the World
Geographical Superlatives
Geography Bee
Geography in History
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month Quiz: More Geography
Hispanic Heritage Month: Cultural Spanish
Hispanic Heritage Month: Geography
Iraq Facts (Advanced)
Iraq Facts (Beginner)
Irish English
Man Booker Prize Winners
Mt. Everest
New Nations
Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Nobel Prize History
Places in the News Quiz, 2003
Places in the News Quiz, 2004
Places in the News Quiz, 2005
Places in the News Quiz, 2006
Places in the News Quiz, 2007
Places in the News Quiz, Fall 2001
Places in the News Quiz, Spring 2002
Places in the News Quiz, Summer 2002
Places in the News Quiz, Winter 2002
Places in the News, 2000
Places in the News, 2001
Queen Elizabeth II
Remembrance Day
Rivers and Lakes
Saint Andrew
St. David's Day
Villains in History Quiz
War and Peace Quiz, 2005
War and Peace Quiz, 2006
Women Nobel Prize Winners
World History Quiz, Part I
World History Quiz, Part II

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