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Most Popular International Car Colors, 2005–2006

(Percentage of vehicles manufactured during 2005 and 2006 model years in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia)

North America
 1. Silver 19%18%
 2. White1617
 3. Gray1315
 4. Black 1311
 5. Blue1112
 6. Red1111
 7. Light Brown79
 8. Green44
 9. White Pearl3n/a
10. Yellow/Gold32
 1. Silver 28%29%
 2. Black 2421
 3. Gray1616
 4. Blue 1315
 5. Red65
 6. Light Brown43
 7. White/White Pearl46
 8. Green33
 9. Yellow/Gold11
 10. Others11
South America
 1. Silver 26%25%
 2. Black2021
 3. Gray1413
 4. White 1113
 5. Red1011
 6. Blue88
 7. Light Brown 75
 8. Green22
 9. Yellow/Gold11
10. Others 11
 1. Silver24%n/a%
 2. Black19n/a
 3. Blue 17n/a
 4. White/White Pearl16n/a
 5. Red9n/a
 6. Yellow/Gold7n/a
 7. Green 4n/a
 8. Gray3n/a
 9. Others1n/a
South Korea
 1. Silver21%n/a
 2. Black20n/a
 3. Gray 19n/a
 4. White/White Pearl18n/a
 5. Blue9n/a
 6. Ligth Brown7n/a
 7. Red 6n/a
 8. Others<1n/a
 1. Silver27%n/a
 2. White/White Pearl24n/a
 3. Black 16n/a
 4. Gray12n/a
 5. Blue10n/a
 6. Red3n/a
 7. Green 2n/a
 8. Yellow/Gold2n/a
 9. Light Brown2n/a
 10. Others2n/a
Source: DuPont Herberts Automotive Systems, Troy, Mich. 2004 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results. Web: .

Most Popular International Car Colors, 2005–2006

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