Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 8/6/2012


Pres. Jalal TALABANI
Vice Pres. Tariq al-HASHIMI
Vice Pres. Khudayr Musa Jafar Abbas al-KHUZAI
Prime Min. Nuri al-MALIKI
Dep. Prime Min. for Economic Affairs Rowsch Nuri SHAWAYS
Dep. Prime Min. for Energy Affairs Husayn Ibrahim Salih al-SHAHRISTANI
Dep. Prime Min. for Services Salih al-MUTLAQ
Min. of Agriculture Izz al-Din al-DAWLAH
Min. of Communications Muhammad Tawfiq ALLAWI
Min. of Culture Sadun Farhan al-DULAYMI
Min. of Defense (Acting) Sadun Farhan al-DULAYMI
Min. of Displacement & Migration Dindar Najam Shafiq DOSKI
Min. of Education Muhammad Khalaf Tamim al-JUBURI
Min. of Electricity Abd al-Karim AFTAN Ahmad al-Jumayli
Min. of Environment Sargon Lazar SULAYWAH
Min. of Finance Rafi Hiyad al-ISSAWI, Dr.
Min. of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Mahmud ZEBARI
Min. of Health Majid Hamad Amin JAMIL
Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Ali Muhammad al-ADIB
Min. of Housing & Construction Muhammad Sahib al-DARAJI
Min. of Human Rights Muhammad Shia al-SUDANI
Min. of Industry & Minerals Ahmad Nasir Dilli al-KARBULI
Min. of Interior (Acting) Nuri al-MALIKI
Min. of Justice Hasan al-SHAMMARI
Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Nasar al-RUBAI
Min. of Municipalities & Public Works Adil Muhudir Radi al-MALIKI
Min. of Oil Abd al-Karim LUAYBI
Min. of Planning Ali al-SHUKRI
Min. of Science & Technology Abd al-Karim al-SAMARRAI
Min. of Trade Khayrallah Hasan BABAKIR
Min. of Transportation Hadi Farhan al-AMIRI
Min. of Water Resources Muhannad al-SA'DI
Min. of Youth & Sports Jasim Muhammad JAFAR
Min. of State for Council of Representatives Affairs Safa al-Din al-SAFI
Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Ali al-SAJRI
Min. of State for National Security Affairs (Acting) Falih Faysal Fahad al-FAYYAD
Min. of State for Provincial Affairs Turhan Mudhir al-MUFTI
Min. of State for Women's Affairs Ibtihal Qasid al-ZAYDI
Governor, Central Bank of Iraq Sinan Muhammad Ridha al-SHABIBI
Ambassador to the US Jabir Habib JABIR
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Hamid al-BAYATI


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