Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 6/6/2012


Prime Min. Yoshihiko NODA
Dep. Prime Min. Katsuya OKADA
Chief Cabinet Sec. Osamu FUJIMURA
Min. for the Abduction Issue Jin MATSUBARA
Min. for Admin. Reform Katsuya OKADA
Min. of Agriculture, Forestry, & Fisheries Akira GUNJI
Min. for Civil Service Reform Masaharu NAKAGAWA
Min. for Comprehensive Review of Measures in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake Tatsuo HIRANO
Min. of Defense Satoshi MORIMOTO
Min. of Economy, Trade, & Industry Yukio EDANO
Min. of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, & Technology Hirofumi HIRANO
Min. of the Environment Goshi HOSONO
Min. of Finance Jun AZUMI
Min. of Foreign Affairs Koichiro GEMBA
Min. of Health, Labor, & Welfare Yoko KOMIYAMA
Min. for Internal Affairs & Communications Tatsuo KAWABATA
Min. of Justice Makoto TAKI
Min. of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, & Tourism Yuichiro HATA
Min. for National Policy Motohisa FURUKAWA
Min. for Nuclear Incident Economic Countermeasures Yukio EDANO
Min. for Ocean Policy Yuichiro HATA
Min. for Privatization of the Postal Services Tadahiro MATSUSHITA
Min. for Reconstruction Tatsuo HIRANO
Min. for Regional Revitalization Tatsuo KAWABATA
Min. for the Restoration From & Prevention of Nuclear Accidents Goshi HOSONO
Min. for Space Policy Motohisa FURUKAWA
Min. for Total Reform of Social Security & Tax Katsuya OKADA
State Min. for Consumer Affairs & Food Safety Jin MATSUBARA
State Min. for the Corporation in Support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage Yukio EDANO
State Min. for Disaster Management Masaharu NAKAGAWA
State Min. for Economic & Fiscal Policy Motohisa FURUKAWA
State Min. for Financial Services Tadahiro MATSUSHITA
State Min. for Gender Equality Masaharu NAKAGAWA
State Min. for Govt. Revitalization Katsuya OKADA
State Min. for Measures for Declining Birthrate Yoko KOMIYAMA
State Min. for the New Public Commons Masaharu NAKAGAWA
State Min. for the Nuclear Power Policy & Admin. Goshi HOSONO
State Min. for Okinawa & Northern Territories Affairs Tatsuo KAWABATA
State Min. for Promotion of Local Sovereignty Tatsuo KAWABATA
State Min. for Science & Technology Policy Motohisa FURUKAWA
Chmn., National Public Safety Commission Jin MATSUBARA
Governor, Bank of Japan Masaaki SHIRAKAWA
Ambassador to the US Ichiro FUJISAKI
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Tsuneo NISHIDA

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