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Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 6/12/2012


Sultan QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Special Representative for His Majesty the Sultan THUWAYNI bin Shihab Al Said
Prime Min. QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Dep. Prime Min. for Cabinet Affairs FAHD bin Mahmud Al Said
Min. of Agriculture Fuad bin Jafar bin Muhammad al-SAJWANI
Min. of Awqaf & Religious Affairs Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Abdallah al-SALIMI
Min. of Civil Service Khalid bin Umar bin Said al-MARHUN
Min. of Commerce & Industry Ali bin Masud bin Ali al-SUNAIDI
Min. of Defense QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Min. of Diwan of the Royal Court KHALID bin Hilal bin Saud al-Busaidi
Min. of Education Madiha bint Ahmad bin Nasir al-SHIBYANIYAN
Min. of Environment & Climate Affairs Muhammad bin Salim bin Said al-TUBI
Min. of Finance QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Min. of Fisheries Muhammad bin Ali al-QATABI
Min. of Foreign Affairs QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Min. of Health Ali bin Muhammad bin MUSA, Dr.
Min. of Heritage & Culture HAYTHIM bin Tariq Al Said
Min. of Higher Education RAWYA bint Saud al-Busaidi
Min. of Housing Muhammad bin Saif al-SHABIBI
Min. of Information Hamad bin Muhammad al-RASHDI
Min. of Interior HAMUD bin Faisal bin Said al-Busaidi
Min. of Justice Abd al-Malik bin Abdallah bin Ali al-KHALILI
Min. of Legal Affairs Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Said al-SAIDI
Min. of Manpower Abdallah bin Nasser bin Abdallah al-BAKRI
Min. of Oil & Gas Muhammad bin Hamad bin Sayf al-RUMHI
Min. of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources Ahmad bin Abdallah bin Muhammad al-SHUHI
Min. of the Royal Office Sultan bin Muhammad al-NUMANI, Gen.
Min. of Social Development MUHAMMAD bin Said bin Said al-Kalbani
Min. of Sports Affairs Saad bin Muhammad bin Said al-Mardhuf al-SAADI
Min. of Tourism Ahmad bin Nasir bin Hamad al-MAHRAZI
Min. of Transport & Communications Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Salim al-FUTAISI
Min. of State & Governor, Muscat Region SAYID al-Mutasim bin Hamud al-Busaidi
Min. of State & Governor, Dhofar Region MUHAMMAD BIN SULTAN bin Hamud al-Busaidi
Min. Responsible for Defense Affairs BADR bin Saud bin Harib al-Busaidi
Min. Responsible for Foreign Affairs YUSUF bin Alawi bin Abdallah
Sec. Gen., Council of Ministers SHAYKH al-Fadhl bin Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Harthi
Special Adviser to His Majesty Salim bin Abdallah al-GHAZALI
Special Adviser to His Majesty for Culture Abd al-Aziz bin Muhammad al-RUWAS
Special Adviser to His Majesty for Economic Planning Affairs Muhammad bin ZUBAYR
Special Adviser to His Majesty for Environmental Affairs SHABIB bin Taymur Al Said
Special Adviser to His Majesty for External Liaison Umar bin Abd al-Munim al-ZAWAWI
Special Adviser to His Majesty for Security Affairs Abdallah bin Salih Khalfan al-HABSI, Lt. Gen.
Governor, Central Bank of Oman QABOOS bin Said Al Said
Executive Pres., Central Bank of Oman Hamud bin Sangur bin Hashim al-ZADJALI
Ambassador to the US Hunaina bint Sultan bin Ahmad al-MUGHAIRI
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Lyutha bint Sultan bin Ahmad al-MUGHAIRI

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