Taiwan -- NDE

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 6/4/2012


Pres. MA Ying-jeou
Vice Pres. WU Den-yih
Pres., Executive Yuan (Premier) Sean C. CHEN
Vice Pres., Executive Yuan (Vice Premier) JIANG Yi-huah
Sec. Gen., Executive Yuan LIN Yi-shih
Dep. Sec. Gen., Executive Yuan CHEN Ching-tsai
Dep. Sec. Gen., Executive Yuan CHEN Shih-kuei (a.k.a. Steven CHEN)
Spokesman, Executive Yuan, & Dir. Gen., Office of Information Services HU Yu-wei
Pres., Control Yuan WANG Chien-shien
Pres., Examination Yuan KUAN Chung
Pres., Judicial Yuan RAI Hau-min
Pres., Legislative Yuan WANG Jin-pyng
Min. of Cultural Affairs LUNG Ying-tai
Min. of Economic Affairs SHIH Yen-shiang
Min. of Education CHIANG Wei-ling
Min. of Finance CHANG Sheng-ford
Min. of Foreign Affairs YANG Chin-tien (a.k.a. Timothy YANG)
Min. of Health CHIU Wen-ta
Min. of Interior LEE Hong-yuan
Min. of Justice TSENG Yung-fu
Min. of National Defense KAO Hua-chu
Min. of Transportation & Communications MAO Chi-kuo
Min. Without Portfolio CHANG San-cheng
Min. Without Portfolio CHERN Jenn-chuan
Min. Without Portfolio HSUEH Cherng-tay (a.k.a. James HSUEH)
Min. Without Portfolio HUANG Kuang-nan
Min. Without Portfolio KUAN Chung-ming
Min. Without Portfolio LIN Junq-tzer
Min. Without Portfolio LUO Ying-shay
Min. Without Portfolio YANG Chiu-hsing
Min. Without Portfolio YIIN Chii-ming
Min., Agricultural Council CHEN Bao-ji
Min., Atomic Energy Council TSAI Chuen-horng
Min., Central Election Commission CHANG Po-ya
Min., Coast Guard Administration WANG Ginn-wang
Min., Council for Economic Planning & Development YIIN Chii-ming
Min., Council for Hakka Affairs HUANG Yu-cheng
Min., Council of Indigenous Peoples SUN Ta-chuan
Min., Council of Labor Affairs WANG Ju-hsuan (a.k.a. Jennifer WANG)
Min., Directorate Gen. of Budget, Accounting, & Statistics SHIH Su-mei
Min., Directorate Gen. of Personnel Admin. HUANG Fu-yuan
Min., Environmental Protection Administration SHEN Shu-hung (a.k.a. Stephen SHEN)
Min., Financial Supervisory Commission CHEN Yuh-chang
Min., Mainland Affairs Council LAI Shin-yuan
Min., Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission LUO Ying-shay
Min., National Communications Commission SU Herng
Min., National Science Council CHU Ching-yi (a.k.a. Cyrus CHU)
Min., National Youth Commission CHEN Yi-chen
Min., Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission WU Ying-yih
Min., Public Construction Commission CHERN Jenn-chuan
Min., Research, Development, & Evaluation Commission CHU Chin-peng
Min., Sports Affairs Council TAI Hsia-ling
Min., Veterans Affairs Commission TSENG Jing-ling
Chmn., Fair Trade Commission WU Shiow-ming
Dir., National Palace Museum CHOU Kung-shin
Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) PERNG Fai-nan
Representative to the US Jason YUAN

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